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This game was submitted as part of the Unreal MegaJam Competition during October of 2015. The game jam lasted one week and the theme was "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants." To be honest, I didn't really bother with the theme. Instead, I decided to create a prototype for a game that had been buzzing around my head for a while.

Everyone loves a good tower defense game... but what does it feel like to be the tower? In this third-person-shooter, you fend off hordes of robot troopers using only your sniper rifle and a few explosive barrels at your disposal. Please download the game for free from the Drive link below, and have fun!

If people really like this concept I may expand it into a full game one day. For now it's just a nice reminder of my first real Unreal (ha) project.

NOTE: Game begins immediately. Prepare yourself! Aim with your mouse, left click to shoot. That's it!

Frank DiCola is the creator and owner of this game.
Special thanks to Adam Gincel for making the music at the eleventh hour!


The Tower 90 MB

Install instructions

Download this file.

Extract it. (Right click, Extract All)

Open the folder and double-click the Unreal Application named TheTower.

Have fun!


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Wow!! Best game!

Thanks! This made my day ;)


woops i mean np

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Thanks for playing my game : D